The Invisible Egg(s)

In this series of posts, I’ve been focussing on what I have identified as eleven eggs that are part of my salt-and-pepper shaker set collection.  But it has just occurred to me that… Continue reading

The Last Egg

The last egg in my collection of eleven has also appeared previously on this blog in “Go Withs“.  It  is half of this set: It is a golden egg, and so it goes… Continue reading

Eggs, Numbers Nine and Ten

The ninth and tenth eggs in my collection have appeared in a previous entry in this blog–Cute Newt–in which I talk about their intriguing relationship to the American politician Newt Gingrich. These shakers… Continue reading


Eggs seven and eight: This pair has chicks busting out all over, none of them in complicated footwear.  they seem much too big for their shells–perhaps as much too big as the pair… Continue reading

One of Chicken’s Children Got Shoes

The fifth or sixth egg of the eleven in my salt and pepper shaker collection is most notable for its footwear: This freak of nature was born with its shoes already on, it… Continue reading

The Moment of Birth (Ab Ovo)

These eggs show some apparently miniature chicks in the process of bursting through their shells: They thus represent the transition from purely abstract, as the eggs in my last post, to cute.  I’m… Continue reading

Eggs One and Two

The first two of my almost-a-dozen eggs are the most straightforward pair: They are monochromatic white, with no designs or added features.  They are just eggs–or rather, really, not even quite eggs, for… Continue reading

Not Quite a Dozen Eggs

In my salt and pepper collection, it appears that I have a grand total of eleven eggs.  Here they are: In a series of posts over the next while, I’m planning to look… Continue reading

Minimal Shakers Achieve Maximal Space

My salt and pepper collection, and this blog, are now featured in a post on the Maximal Space at Home Blog:


Recently, my friend Joseph Thomas made a comment on Facebook that relates to my interest in salt and pepper shakers: What I think is wonderful about salt n pepper shakers: although they come… Continue reading